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Here’s Why Your Business Should Use Social Media Marketing and SEO

Social Media Marketing is the craze nowadays it seems. It certainly makes sense to take advantage of the hype because it has a lot of benefits. Everybody’s on their phones nowadays, a vast majority of these phones are connected to the internet and more than 80% of these users will use them to browse social media. This single fact makes Social Media Marketing one of the most popular marketing choice.In addition to that, there is also something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in which websites are optimized in such a way that they are ranked higher in Search Engine rankings. But why would you want to do that? Here are some benefits for these two:

Low Cost and Wide Reach:

Perhaps the best thing about Social Media Marketing is that it is inexpensive. It does not take even a penny to make a social media account, and running it is fairly easy. There are zero expenses involved with social media marketing, and anybody can do it. Social Media is also a very effective way of reaching millions all through a single post. At any given point, most of the internet users are browsing some form of social media. By using social media marketing, you can reach all these people, through one single post.


With conventional forms of marketing, there is little to no feedback between client and entrepreneur. The customer feels that they cannot get their queries and concerns heard by their favorite brand, since they think its difficult, they don’t try at all to begin with. With Social Media marketing, feedback is almost instant. The consumer can easily post a comment on your post or send you a private message in just a few minutes.

Search Rankings:

One of the main benefits of having a Search Engine Optimized website is, that it will show up higher in the Search Engine rankings and has a greater chance of showing up on the front page. Most internet users don’t go past the first three pages. Only the sites that are SEO compliant show up on these first pages, the rest unfortunately do not. If your site is SEO compliant, then there is a big chance that it will show up on the first few pages in the Search Engines. In simple terms, the higher you rank, the more traffic you will get for your site and that means more business.

Ahead of the Competition:

By getting your website Search Engine Optimized, you can set yourself apart from the rest of the business and websites also specializing in the goods or services that you offer. It is a great way to make a name for yourself and make a strong impression in your clientele. Moreover, websites that are SEO compliant have a big chance of being promoted on Social Media as well. We have already talked about how useful that is, so if your website is getting traffic from both sides, then you are guaranteed to be successful. Contact us today to get started with your SEO campaign and see why RyTech Media is the best SEO in Wichita, KS!